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--Avery, 12 years old, Roswell, GA
--Janet, Canton, GA
What can I say about David Palmer. I really feel that words can't adequately justify my deepest appreciation for his positive affect on our family. I first found out about Davide when I asked a trusted friend, Cary Thrift, who also rebuilds pianos, for a recommendation with regard to a piano teacher. Let me say that music is everything to my daughter, Rachael. She has both passion and talent. Rachael started playing flute at about the age of 12; and, by 14 was privately taught by members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. She also demonstrated a talent for voice and was working towards playing other instruments like violin, harp and guitar. When she mentioned an interest in piano that prompted me to ask Cary Thrift for the recommendation. Cary's response was simply, "If you want a teacher that will accomplish 6 years of training in just 3 then Davide Palmer is your man". He continued by saying that when he listens to Davide's students the difference is compelling. At 15, I felt that time was the biggest factor; and, I needed a teacher that could exploit her ability as quickly as possible. After a little more than a year, Rachael's progress is more than consistent with Cary Thrift's recommendation. Rachael loves to play and practices all the time. Not once have we, her parents, ask her to practice. Davide as been able to foster her desire to play and play exceedingly well. I have received many comments from phone conversations listening to Rachael playing in the background. Most commonly we hear, "Who is that playing in the background they play beautifully ...". Being a proud parent I say that's Rachael and she has only been playing for a little more than a year. The usual response is, "Well I played years growing up but never sounded like that". The decision to make Davide a valued member of our family was the best decision; and, the results speak for themselves. The music she learns from Davide will benefit her for life and her passion is unabated. I have always felt that passion breeds success. Davide delivers that gift. Davide has my thanks, appreciation and highest recommendation. --Jeff, --Atlanta, GA
We switched to him this year after watching two other neighbors use him. I think he's amazing. He pushes the children to excellence, but he does it in a kind, respectful way. My son (13) is a sensitive boy and he likes Davide and enjoys practicing piano now. --Judy, Marietta, GA
The best thing about piano is that it is really fun and Davide makes it easy to understand. I really like to play duets with Davide! --Kate, age 6, Marietta, GA
Davide's instruction has been tremendously rewarding and beneficial for our four children. He is a gifted instructor who challenges and encourages them in their study of piano. His high standards and emphasis on memorization and performance have enabled them to progress steadily and play with confidence whenever they find themselves near a piano. They love playing for anyone who will listen! --Kim, Marietta, Ga
Davide relates well to both our children who are very different from each other. He has made a creative impact on their lives and they come in after school and practice without anyone suggesting they do so. --Mark and Kathy, Marietta
Our boys have had an absolute blast with Mr. Palmer for three years. Lesson day is hands down their favorite school day. He leads, inspires, motivates, and entertains them and has clearly gained their trust. Our boys' enjoyment of piano has exceeded our wildest dreams, in large part due to Davide's contagious enthusiasm. He clearly understands what it takes to relate to kids. Mr. Palmer has proven his ability to take kids of all sorts and to get a high level of performance out of them. He has a knack for maximizing technique while never forgetting the key is to make music. His curriculum builds an early, broad foundation while staying fun (scales, theory, sight reading, chords) and always includes regular participation in the ultimate prize: musical performance (recitals, competitions, master classes) --Orrin, West Cobb County, Ga
--Pete, Atlanta, GA
We are very happy with the training that our daughters have received from Davide. We have seen great progress in a short period of time. We like the way Davide adapts his teaching to the child and what they need as an individual. They enjoy playing the songs that are chosen and the challenge of something other than a standard lesson book that so many other teachers use. One of the complaints that our oldest daughter, Julia, had with her first piano teacher was that she had to learn songs she did not care for by working through a lesson book, one song after another. She loves the way Davide plays several songs for her and asks which one she would like to work on. For our youngest daughter, Jordan, his style of training is helping to improve her concentration. She enjoys his manner and thinks he is funny. Thank you, Davide, for being patience with us and for your expertise in training our daughters for something that will be with them the rest of their lives. --Sandra, Atlanta, GA
I would like to recommend my teacher, Davide Palmer. I have been playing the piano for the past six years, the last two have been with Mr. Palmer. Under his tutelage I am both encouraged and challenged each week. He teaches by example, helping me to understand the finished music piece as I am learning it. He is very descriptive on what he wants me to improve on. His thoroughness each week continues to develop me into a well rounded pianist. I am both blessed and thankful that Mr. Palmer is my teacher. --Scottlyn, 11 years old Canton, GA
I like that Davide likes to challenge me and make me think of other ways to play songs. He encourages me to try new things. --William, age 9, Marietta GA