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Studio Policy

Monthly Tuition (Aug. - May)
30 Minute Sessions (Beginner) $149.00 *Tuition is due the first day of the month. Any payment received after 7 day grace period will incur a $15 late fee.
40 Minute Sessions (Intermediate) $195.00
50 Minute Sessions (Advanced) $235.00

Fall Registration Fee

A registration fee equal to one month's tuition is due at the beginning of summer. This fee serves to reserve your current lesson time spot for the following fall semester. Also, 3 free summer lessons are included with the registration fee. You can choose to have those lessons during June and July. These lessons are optional.

School Year

The fall semester begins the first week in August. If returning students wish to start back lessons later in August, the payment still remains the same for August. New students can be enrolled any time later in the semester if there is available room.


Homeschoolers are given a 10% discount for each student enrolled. An additional 5% discount is given to three-student families.

Absences & Make-ups

Students are encouraged to be available for every lesson. In case of an absence, please call, text (678-575-3885) or email as soon as possible. ().

Each student is given one (1) free makeup up day per school semester. Make-ups are typically made up during the weeks when school is out (eg fall break, spring break). However, makeup lessons can be possibly made at another time (not guaranteed), depending on the teacher’s schedule and student availability. Makeups are not guaranteed unless they are taken during holiday weeks.


There are no lessons during major holidays. Also, there are no lessons during Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break, except for makeup lessons.

Recitals and Performances

Performance is a vital part of any musical program. It serves as the basis of motivation for learning and loving any musical instrument. Students are encouraged and required to perform throughout the year. Here are some of the following ways in which students will have an opportunity to perform:

  1. Annual Fall and Spring Piano Recital (mandatory for all students)
  2. CMTA and GMTA Auditions (intermediate-advanced)
  3. CMTA Solo Festival
  4. Masterclass
  5. Romantic Competition (Intermediate-advanced)
  6. MTNA Competition (Advanced)

Recital Fees

There is a $10 recital fee per family.

CMTA and GMTA Auditions

The auditions are a wonderful opportunity for intermediate and advanced students to perform in a competitive environment. Students prepare two contrasting, original pieces from different time periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, 20th Century/contemporary), and receive a grade and critique from a judge. Those who win, advance to the state level. CMTA also awards two high school scholarships to select students that participate in the auditions.


Intermediate and advanced students have the opportunity to perform in a masterclass instructed by a college piano professor. Students submit a recording of one of their pieces and six students will be selected to play and receive a lesson in front all the CMTA teachers and performing students. The masterclass will be held at Reinhardt University.

Romantic/Impressionistic Competition

This is another opportunity for the advancing student to play in a competitive environment. Students prepare two contrasting pieces from the Romantic/Impressionist era and will be rated according to the stylistic components of that particular era: expression, individuality, nuance, "singing" rubato, and technique. The event is held in the fall.

Solo Festival

Students of all ages and levels are encouraged to perform in this event. Each student performs two pieces by memory in front of an adjudicator. The student receives a score, certificate, and corresponding points. The points accumulate towards earning a trophy at an annual ceremony and reception.

Termination Fees

Any student who wishes to permanently stop taking lessons, must give a notification one month prior. Tuition is never refundable for terminated enrollment.