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2011 CMTA Audition/Solo Festival Schedule

February 28, 2011

Saturday, March 12th is the date of our CMTA Auditions and Solo festival. Here's the schedule of when your students will be performing. Note: Every possible attempt has been made to accommodate siblings by putting their allotted time as close as possible together.

9:00 Lillian Shoji (7th grade)

9:30 Maxwell Ahola (4th grade)

9:50 Michael Lorincz (8th grade)

9:50 Akshay Bapat (7th grade)

10:20 Hannah Dubuc (8th grade)

10:45 Michael Dubuc (9th grade)

10:50 Aedan Ahola (6th grade)

11:15 Christian Dubuc (3rd grade)

11:25 Scottlyn Britt (6th grade)

11:10 Ishan Bapat (3rd grade)

11:30 Rachel Lorincz (3rd grade)

11: 45 Avery Kral (6th grade)

12:15 Austin Kral (4th grade)

2:20 Jonathon Lorincz (4th grade)


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